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About us

Established as a private owned and family oriented firm, Cabrera & Associates, Inc was 
founded by Gerson Cabrera with the purpose of providing convenient service and support to
individuals and later to organizations in the fields of real estate investment, management and security operations.

Before the founding of Cabrera & Associates, Inc, Gerson Cabrera began consulting for private investment opportunities in 2003. For some time, things looked very well from a marketing point of view but it wasn’t enough to fulfill the desire for experience and personal growth within the business.
Since very little was known about Gerson Cabrera, he took the initiative to strategically approach other firms with similar interest to gain client expertise, experience and exposure.

In 2004, Gerson Cabrera joined Tower Financial for real estate investment and management opportunities. While on board, he gained a great deal of knowledge in the Real Estate and
Commercial Investments Market. Having only been a partner for several months, Gerson Cabrera was able to manage over $1M in properties alone. Taking advantage of the Real Estate Market, he continued to pursue experience and growth in the business.

Today, Cabrera & Associates, Inc is working on Project “Tracers” with guidance and
experience of Thomas McGrat of Jacksonville, NC and other investment partners in
the South Florida area. Thomas McGrat is a retired US Service member and
business owner with over 30 years of experience in business development and
business management. Project “Tracers” will be fully operational and available for
business to the public in 2013.

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